Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance  


At a Glance

Approximately every 3 ½ seconds a new threat is unleashed by cyber criminals into the online world of the internet. These criminals can range from middle schoolers who vandalize websites to international terrorists who target a country’s defense infrastructure.


Court Reporters and Captioners face increasingly complex information and computer security risks. If you store client confidential information of anything defined as personal identifiable information (PII), cyber criminals have an interest in your stored data files to target, breach and obtain such information. 

The Cyber Privacy Liability policy available through Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC, has been tailored for Court Reporters and Captioners to provide coverage for damage done to your business as well as third parties. 


Benefit Features

  • Coverage for damages to third parties caused by a breach of network security
  • Coverage for loss resulting from administrative or operational mistakes
  • Breach of privacy coverage — includes damages resulting from alleged violations of HIPAA, state and federal privacy protection laws and regulations
  • Customer Notification Expenses include legal expenses, credit monitoring expenses, postage, and advertising costs
  • Risk management services to assist with mitigating losses and navigating breaches
  • Ransomware coverage

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